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Family Action Centers of Colusa County

As Family Resource Centers our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable setting to network, share and acquire skills, and access services to create a better childhood for our youngest citizens. 


The Family Action Centers of Colusa County consist of the Arbuckle Family Action Center and the Williams Family Action Center.  In response to the great need for local support for children and their families within Colusa County, the Arbuckle Center opened in 2002, and the Williams Center in 2006.  As of November 9, 2007, both centers joined to establish a 501(c)(3), non-profit agency: The Family Action Centers of Colusa County (FACCC) in an effort to improve and sustain services and programs.  As always, we will continue to depend on community support to be successful. 


We thank our community for not only helping us as we grow, but also for allowing us to best serve the community.  


Board Members

Carol Geyer, Chair (Representative, Pierce Joint Unified School District)


Patty Gonzalez, Secretary (Representative, Arbuckle Community) 

Nancy Dixon, Treasurer (Representative, Maxwell Community) 


Gloria Estrada, Director (Representative, Williams Community)


Angie O'Cañas Hernandez, Director (Representative, Colusa County One Stop)  

FACCC Board Application 



          Agenda & Minutes

    Agenda                          Minutes



2010 - present

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