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Smile California

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself healthy. It is also an important part of keeping your baby healthy. Your gums and teeth need special attention when you are pregnant. Regular brushing and flossing, eating a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly, will help reduce dental problems that often accompany pregnancy

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Your child’s first dental visit should take place after their first tooth appears, but no later than their first birthday. The dentist will examine the health of their teeth and gums. They will speak to you about oral health care for your baby and answer questions you may have.  It seems to make all future visits much easier for both the child and the caretaker.  


The health of a child’s mouth can affect all aspects of their life, including the ability to succeed in school. In 2018, over 440,000 of California K-12 students missed school due to dental problems

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Did you know that in California, all children 0 to 19 years old can get Medi-Cal if their caregiver has it as well. Immigration status does not matter.  Depending upon the case, children may qualify for Medi-Cal when the parent does not.  

No matter your age, you can keep your gums and teeth healthy, strong and pain-free. As an older adult, you are prone to gum disease and other oral health problems, but by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and seeing your dentist regularly, you can lower your risk. Medi‑Cal will pay up to $1,800 in a year for covered dental services. You may qualify for no yearly limit. Even if you have Medicare or Medicare Advantage, Medi-Cal can cover dental benefits not covered by Medicare. 

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